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Tax support services in Latvia

As in several other countries, the tax system in Latvia is constantly developing. In connection with this tax legislation is changing very frequently and number of tax related regulations are increasing. For comparison, the tax laws changed much more frequently than civil law legislation (Civil Law). And there may be a situation that the activities that meet the requirements of tax legislation, for example, a year ago, today is a violation of tax laws.

It is therefore important to monitor the change in the tax laws. Taking into account before mentioned, AB ways offers tax support.

Tax support services are related to accounting services.

AB ways provides the following services related to tax support:

• Registration of company as a taxpayer in Latvia
• Registration of company in the register of value added tax applicable persons
• Advice on tax question (choice of the optimal form of business and taxation system)
• An analysis of the company to determine the possible risks of non compliance with tax legislation of the Republic of Latvia
• Tax accounting and tax planning
• Calculation of taxes, preparation and submission of tax returns
• Representing the company in its relations with the State Revenue Service
• Filling of annual returns of personal income tax
• Other work related to taxes

Consultations about tax legislation of the Republic of Latvia can be obtained via the Internet. AB ways guarantees an individual approach (in-depth study of the situation), and confidentiality.

AB ways provides services related to the following Latvian taxes:

Value added tax
Personal income tax
Corporate income tax
Mandatory payments of state social insurance
Immovable property tax
Tax of micro enterprises
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