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Registration of the branch office of a foreign merchant (businessman) in Latvia

The branch office is organisationally independent part of a company, which is territorially or otherwise separated from the main enterprise. At the location of the branch, in name of the main company, systematic business activities are performed. Share capital is not required for branch office. The main enterprise is responsible for the obligations of a branch office.

Legal address

Branch office needs a registered office (legal address) in Latvia.

Management of the Branch office

A foreign merchant authorizes a certain person to represent a foreign businessman in the activities associated with the Latvian branch office

Name (firm)

The name may coincide with the name of a foreign merchant. You can also choose a different name, which must include the name of a foreign merchant, branch name or location of the branch and the words "branch office"

Documents received after the registration

The decision of a notary public of the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia. On special request, for additional payment may receive registration Certificate (includes name, registration number, place and date of registration). All documents are in the Latvian language.

The information and documents necessary for the preparation of documents for registration of a branch

Name and address of the main company
The name of the register, where the main company is registered and registration number of the main company (if the legislation of the foreign country provides registration of companies)
Kind of a foreign merchant
Amount of authorized capital of a foreign businessman
The document (or certified copy) confirming the registration of a foreign merchant
Permission to open a branch office (if such permission is provided by the laws of the country of registration of the merchant)
A notary certified copy of the articles of association, memorandum of association or equal document
A document confirming the rights for certain person to represent the foreign merchant in activities associated with the Latvian branch office
The name of the branch office, if different from the name of the main enterprise
Legal address of the branch office
Information about the person authorized to represent a foreign merchant in activities related to the branch office (name, surname, place of residence, date of birth, passport details)

Procedure of registration

Obtaining the necessary information
Preparation of documents for registration
Preparatory actions and signing of the documents
Payment of fees
Filing with the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia
Receiving of the reviewed documents.
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