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Incorporation of companies and accounting in Latvia

Private company limited by shares AB ways is а company, that is registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia. AB ways provides services relating to the incorporation of companies in Latvia, accounting and tax support for business in Latvia.

Since 2003, AB ways serves Latvian enterprises which engages in wholesale and retail trade (including online trade) and serves to Latvian enterprises that provides various services.

The purpose of the company - to create for client the most advantageous position in the relevant field of activity.

This web resource is related to registration of companies (business) in Latvia and to taxation and accounting questions. The web resource contains information about services of AB ways and here you can use various calculators (for example, payroll and vacation calculator).

Services in the field of commercial law include:

  • Incorporation of companies and organization in Latvia (including registration of limited liability company, representation, branch and partnership.
  • Reorganization of Latvian companies (merger, division or conversion).
  • Registration of various changes regarding Latvian companies (e.g., increase and decrease the equity capital, buying and selling of shares of the capital, changes in structure of management or shareholders)
  • Liquidation of Latvian companies (doing legal and actual activities to exclude the company from the commercial register).

AB ways prepares documents and performs other activities necessary for formation of companies (for example, provides consultations, submits documents to the Register of enterprises and receives examined documents).

Services related to taxation and accounting in Latvia:

  • Advice (consultations) on accounting and taxation questions (for example, taxation of particular transactions, preparation of accounting documents).
  • Doing complete accounting (entering and registration of primary documents in accounting registers, preparation and submission of tax reports, calculation of payroll and taxes, as well as other accounting services).
  • Registration of company in value added tax register (preparation of application and submission of the application).
  • Representation of your interests in relations with the State Revenue Service
  • Restoration of accounting for prior periods and the preparation of required reports (including the Annual Report).

If you have any questions relating to the registration of companies, accounting, or the application of taxes in Latvia, please write to or use the form to send the information.
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