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Choice of form of economic activities and tax regime.

Last updated: 2018-03-04
Enter the amount of planned sales (turnover), the amount of expenses, the number of employees, the average salary after payment of taxes. As a result, you can calculate the amount of taxes in different tax regimes and the cost of registration of various types of business activities.

Average turnover per month.Average amount per month. Amount, for which you plan to sell goods and provide services.
Average amount of expenditures per month, exccluding salaries.The sum of all planned expenses per month, excluding salaries and taxes from salaries (include payments for services, office expenses, purchase of goods, etc.).
Average number of employees.Average number of employees during 12 months period. For example, if in January 8 employees, in February 20 employees, then average number is 14 employees.
Average salary "in pocket" per month.Average salary for each employee per month after withholding (payment) of taxes.
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