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Analysis of sold products

You can record sales amount during a month or another period and can get to know:
  • which products generate the highest sales (which products generate the majority of revenue),
  • sales for which products are the least volatile (the most stable).

The products with the highest revenue and the lowest fluctuations in sales are considered to be the most important products. And special attention must be paid to such products (to have a sufficient volume / quantity to sell).
You can copy sales data from MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc. You can process up to 50 products.
The results of data processing are sorted by sales amounts.
Insert tabular data (from Excel, Spreadsheet).

There is an opinion that 20% of products creates 80% of revenue (sales). The analysis could help to identify the "main" (20%) products (those products that are important for the success of the business). It is advisable to constantly monitor the balance of "main" products and order such products in a timely manner.
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